Nothing can beat Rwanda as a destination.

“Once the nation experienced the mass killing, now is the most peaceful and safest place for the visitors.”

“It’s voyage from destruction to construction is well appreciating.”

Rwanda has always been in the front line of world news always for some reason or other. It may be for hiking its gorilla trekking permission charge or for the mass killing called genocide that rocked the world in 1994, or for endangered Gorillas it is housing in Virunga Mountain. Rwanda has always been a news maker. Today, Rwanda has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa with more women in Parliament than any other country in the world. Once the nation experienced the mass killing, now is the most peaceful and safest place for the visitors. It has crossed a long way but yet battling. Its voyage from destruction to construction is well appreciating.

Gorilla Trekking RwandaLocated in Central Africa, Rwanda houses many interesting sights to see. Its National Parks are the home to a huge diverse population of animals including mountain gorillas and the largest natural park for hippos isthe greatest addition that helps to keep on the top of the bucket list for those planning for Africa. If you have come for Gorilla Trekking Rwanda , then you have only seen the Rwanda airport. Move deep inside to experience the real beauty of Rwanda. Only a visit to the Akagera National Park in the east of the country, scenically the prettiest park in Africa would make you feel that you have committed no mistake in selecting your destination. There Are The Safety Measures That You Should Take While Going For A Gorilla Trekking In Uganda.

6 of the best attractions that prompt to plan Rwanda Vacation:

  1. Volcanoes National Park:

Volcanoes-National-Park-Rwanda1.jpgThe Rwandan part of volcanoes National Park is the spell bounding Virunga, mostly known for Mountain Gorillas. This tops the list of itinerary of any one visiting Rwanda. You may not encounter any other wild life in this park but the time you would spend here watching a group of Gorilla playing, sulking, teasing each other, eating, or dozing just like we do – is extraordinary.

  1. Kigali:

kigali-radisson-blu.jpgAfrica’s cleanest city”, If you want to browse for curios and souvenirs from your Rwanda Safaris, Kigali is the best city to be visited. A number of smart shopping malls in Kigali city would offer you a lot of local crafts that you must choose. You can collect some information on custom and culture of the locals by interacting with the shop owners.

  1. Virunga Mountains:

virunga-volcanoes-mountain-gorilla-spectacular-01.jpgThis is everybody’s choice. Always tops the list in the itinerary. Waking with the rain forests to track the Gorilla group and spending time with a group watching them performing the activities like the human beings would be the most exciting moment of one’s life.  The spell bounding Virunga also would captivate you with its enchanting beauty. 

  1. Huye / Butare:

_Huye .jpgButare: the earlier name of Huye has long since been the country’s most prominent intellectual centre from the British period. Famous for housing the National University of Rwanda, the National Institute of Scientific Research and the excellent Ethnographic Museum, it is a worthy place to visit and learn about the evolution of Rwandan society, culture, economy, education and others. The spectacular traditional Rwandan dance troupe based in Huye mesmerizes everyone. Just outside Huye is one of the most compelling genocide memorials in Rwanda and it’s bustling market that is open every day except Saturday is worth browsing.

  1. Rwanda Lakes:

Rwanda Lakes.jpgRwanda is housing a lot of sparkling lakes like lake Kivu :the largest of numerous freshwater bodies that shimmer in the valleys of Rwanda and Lake Muhazi, a mere hour and a half away drive from Kigali: is one of the country’s scenic treasures. Relaxing on beach, water sports including kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing, and beach volleyball are among the activities that you can do for giving your tour extra mileage. Akagera National Park has ten lakes, some watering holes for the animals and others havens for birdwatchers.

  1. Genocide Memorials:

Genocide Memorials.jpgThe Kigali Genocide Memorial honours the memory of the more than one million Rwandans killed in 1994. The remains of over 250,000 people have been preserved there. The greatest ever ethnic violence the world had not seen ever before as in Rwanda. You cannot but cry while visiting the section that remembers the children who fell victim to the killers. The same horror of massacre would flash in your memory and you must pray for those lost their live.

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What Are The Safety Measures That You Should Take While Going For A Gorilla Trekking In Uganda?

Have you ever experienced any sight of big apes? The answer must be no, if yes it must be only on verticality. Then why don’t you take a Gorilla Trekking in Uganda? Where the dense rainforest and thick jungle vegetation is an ideal territory for the mountain gorillas. People travel from miles and miles for a single sight of gorilla are which is only available at the particular spot of Uganda. Tracking of the Gorilla is done in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga National Park and the Virunga Volcanoes in the border of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You can search through the dense rainforest, which will take from 1 hour to 4 hours to get a single sight of big apes. It depends on where the Uganda gorillas choose to move to on that particular day. What is actually exciting is that you wonder who is watching who as you stare into the gentle eyes of the gorillas. These mountain gorillas move in families headed by the might Silverback gorilla. Although they do have daily habits, they are constantly on the move in search of food, so do not stay long in one particular place, unless it is to rest for the night.

A trip like Gorilla Trekking in Uganda needs much more preparation. Let’s put light on what to Bring with you during your trek?

What to wear when Gorilla Trekking?

In search of big ape’s you need to travel for long miles to a pair of Comfortable, trekking pants is the relaxing wear at this duration.

T-shirt or long-sleeved shirts are the best options here. As it does not only protect you from the sunrays and bug bites but also saves you from the touch of unknowing flora and fauna.

A waterproof jacket is the important one, which protects you from rain as well as from winter.

To protect you from the climatic change a Fleece or light jacket are the comfortable wear during your trekking.

Comfortable trekking shoes will help you to move forward without any kind of hesitation.

Bring a hat or scarp with you so that you can protect your head from sunrays.

Food and water
Take at least two litters of water with you due to a shortage of purified water in the way of your trekking.

You need to pack your Lunch and snacks in a black wrap so that you can avoid animals from picking up them.

Other gear
Carry a Small backpack so that you can run smoothly.

Walking sticks are the helping hand of trekkers they can move easily at the rocky and hilly space of rain forests.

Cameras are needier to capture all the activity during your trek so that you can collect mementos to memorize the actual sight.

As you have to travel through rain forests to find gorillas Rain protection is mostly preferred to rescue from the rain.

Sunscreen and bug spray are preferable to protect you from the harmful UV rays and risky bug bites.

So Book your Gorilla Trekking with Reedbuck Uganda Tours And Travel Limited, which is a tour, based Company of Uganda. It is considered as the local specialist, which bring a hidden treasure of nature towards the limelight without spending any time. Our professional specialist plans your trek within a budgeted pack so that you can get all kind of facility without any hectic.

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Rwanda Safari Tours- A Way To Explore The Life Changing And Credible Beauty Of Nature

destination-rwanda-image1Want to see the most amazing primate of the world? Just plan your Rwanda Safari Tours to find those endangered species number of which has been shrinking over the centuries. It is not the numbers rather the presence of this man like animals makes some of the East African countries like Rwanda and Uganda world famous. People especially visit to these lands to have a glimpses of this spectacular animals, 99% DNA of which matches with the human beings. It is the mountain Gorillas, found in the dense rain forest slopes of Virunga volcanic mountains that pass through Uganda and Rwanda.

It is doubtless that, the Gorillas lead the attraction list in Rwanda. People visiting this land pay the first priority to see these magical animals in their natural habitat. Besides Rwanda “the land of thousand hills” is evergreen and appears with great scenic views to the visitors. The dense rain forest, the Virunga Mountains, the other African gems in Rwanda, is some of the best attractions that attract to the world visitors.

Rwanda offers some of the best packages to its visitors which include:

Day 1- You would be picked up by the guide and be taken to the Volcanoes National Park after taking lunch and dinner at your hotel.

Day2 and 3- You will be briefed by the ranger guides and then you would start trekking with your lunch box. Trekking may take 1-8 hours.

Day 4- You would go for trekking the golden monkeys.

Day 5-You would depart  for Kigali and do a city tour including the market visits, handicraft shop visits, pottery projects, genocide museum visit and many others. Then you would be transfered to Kigali Airport to find your departure flight.

Day1- Our company representative would transfer you to Ruhengeri,  nearest to Virunga park .

Day-2- You will be briefed by the ranger guides and then you would start trekking with your lunch box. Trekking may take 2-8 hours.

Day3- Make Kigali city tour and visit places like the Museum, Genocide memorials, and the handcraft markets for souvenir shopping. Then head to airport for flying back.

Day 1- You would be taken to the Volcano National Park.

Day 2- Start walking up steep densely forested virunga hills to take Gorillas. It may take 2-8 hours.

Day 3- Go with your guide for a nature walk in the thick forest rich in birds, butterflies and monkeys.

Day 4- Get transferred to the airport for flying home back.

Day 1- Visit some of Kigali’s craft markets to browse amongst the pottery, carvings, batik, weaving, sculpture, musical instruments, leather and fabrics on offer after being picked up from Kigali air port.

Day 2-Visit one of the largest forests in East and Central Africa,” Nyungwe” and discover 13 primate species from colobus monkeys, mangabeys, blue monkeys and, of course, our cousins the chimpanzees including a great range of flora and fauna.

Day 3- After a very early morning start, you will proceed to the chimpanzee tracking trail in either the Cyamudongo or Uwinka sections.

Day 4- Travel to the eastern shores of Lake Kivu, walk around Kibuye town and in the afternoon you can you can rent a boat and visit a few islands. All the cost would be made from your side.

Day 5- You would be shifted to Volcano National park.

Day 6- After briefing, you would start trekking through steep Virunga slopes.

Day 7- You can visit the Genocide Memorial and Education Centre and then you would be driven to airport to fly back home.

Day1- After being received by our representative visit some of Kigali’s craft markets for shopping. All activities and purchases today are at your own cost.

Day 2- visit Akagera national park to explore variety of wildlife and over 500 different species of birds.

Day 3- Go for a boat safari on the Ihema River and spot various kinds of water birds. In afternoon visit to Genocide Memorial.

Day 4- Travel to Nyungwe Forest, one of the largest forests in East and Central Africa.

Day 5- Start your chimpanzee tracking trail early in the morning either the Cyamudongo or Uwinka sections.

Day 6- Take a canopy walk above a deep gorge cutting across the massive forest and have the chance to spot blue monkeys and unique birds.

Day 7- Travel to Kibuye on the eastern shores of Lake Kivu after lunch and you can take a boat to visit a few islands.

Day 8- You would be taken to the town of Musanze close to the Virunga Volcano range.

Day 9- You would start for Gorilla trekking from early in the morning in a group.

Day 10- You would back to Kigali in time to catch your flight back home.

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Kenya Safari – Things To Consider To Ensure Great Value And Memorable Safari Experience

destination-kenya-inner9Tanzania is spectacular, but Kenya is most spectacular. If you just want to immerse yourself in the grand beauty of Kenya, in which the vast kingdom of African ferocious is a part, then book your flight today to avoid the traffic. Kenya offers endlessly. Floating in a hot-air balloon over the great plains of Africa, witnessing thousands of flamingos on Lake Nakuru, encountering the great elephant herds of Amboseli with the towering cone of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background and visiting the Nairobi’s unique Giraffe Manor are some of the experiences that never fade from one’s memory. Whenever such memories would flash in your mind, you would feel like wandering with the vast Kenyan beauty where nature and animal have set a world different to this planet.

If you are interested in wildlife, starting from beginning of January right the way through to the end of February is the best time to visit Kenya as these are the warmest period in Kenya and you can find the higher concentrations of animals congregating in popular tourist destinations, such as the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli etc in these months. December is an excellent time to visit Kenya with lush green scenery making an ideal habitat for migratory birds and newborn animals. If you want to witness the herds cross the crocodile-filled Mara River, the best time to travel is in August. Between Septembers, to November the Kenyan side is filled with the survivors.

destination-kenya-inner8Kenya is not only a great honeycomb of African Animals, rather, the number of sites of historical importance are the second biggest draw cards to this land. Two of the sites, those have drawn the international attention are:

  • Olorgesailie region: Located in southern Kenya, this is a land of pre-historic importance that provides evidence of early humans lived in this region. It is considered as one of the National Museums of Kenya prehistoric sites as it displays some of the prehistoric materials including numerous hand axes and fossilized skeletons of extinct species of elephant and hippopotamus. The site provides knowledge on early human evolution, especially in regards to human activity, animal populations, vegetation and climate change over the past one million years.
  • Hyrax Hill: The site is a national monument. Its excavation provides evidence on three major areas of prehistoric settlements. The oldest settlement is dating back to 3,000 years and the youngest to possibly 200 to 300 years. There is a site museum which displays ethnographic material of the different Rift Valley people.
  • Massai cultural tour: Massai people constitute a greater part of the Kenyan population and the centuries-old culture and the tradition of the Massai people are awe-fascinating to experience. Visiting a Massai village and interacting with the villagers living close to nature and dancing

with them with the beats of the drum is the awe- exciting experience that leaves an eternal print in the minds who visit.

If you are on your tour to Kenya, then the viewing of African animals in the Kenyan National Parks is the most important of the itinerary no one would ever desire to miss. Although Kenya boasts with a series of National parks and Game Reserves, and it is not possible to explore all of them within a single visit, yet you should not miss the followings that make Kenya an important world destination.

Amboseli National Park:

Besides offering the best scenic view of the park at the backdrop of the Mount Kilimanjaro this park brings you closer to some of the largest African tuskers. Home to more than 50 species of mammal and over 400 species of birds, it is the perfect place to have your vacation. You can approach this park with a daily scheduled flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport or take an on-road ride from Nairobi. June to October is the best time to visit Amboseli National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park:

The biggest drawcard of Lake Nakuru National Park is its shallow soda lake and the thousands of pearl-white pelicans and pink flamingos in it that it attracts to thousands of visitors world over. The baboons, rhinos, colobus monkeys, lions, and leopards constitute the wild animal part. One can get there with a 3 hours drive from Nirobi and it is a year-round destination.

Samburu Game Reserve:

Just blend your game viewing with the Samburu culture by paying a visit to this park. Hundreds of elephants, lions, buffaloes and leopards in this semi-desert landscape would captivate your heart with such fascination that, it would be a permanent source of memory for you. June to October is the best time to visit this park. The park is accessible by the daily flight or a day’s drive from Nairobi.

Tsavo West and East National Parks:

The largest and one of the most fascinating wilderness protected area in Kenya would bring you up close to nature as well as the natural animals. Its untouched wilderness is the biggest attraction for planning African Safaris. The man-eating lions, large herds of elephant populations’, hippos and crocodiles have made it famous around the globe.

Just immerse with the vast Kenyan beauty that would bring you up close to the wild nature and the animals, Kenya is famous for with us The Nature Safari. We are operating Safaris in eastern African countries. We would take you to that untouched world of wilderness where the jungle law prevails everywhere. If you want to immerse with the Kenyan beauty, just drop us a mail. A mixture of Kenyan beauty and our quality ice would leave you mesmerized.

Nairobi National Park:

This black rhino sanctuary in Kenya enjoys its own wills beast migration. The sanctuary hosts more than 400 species of birds. Nairobi National Park is at the proximate of Kenya’s bustling capital. A visit to this park would provide you a chance to experience the African bush at its best.

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Kenya’s Top 5 Places To Visit On Your African Safari

Reed Buck Uganda2Why do people plan for East Africa? It is for Tanzania and Kenya. Both flourish with world famous National Parks, lush forests and towering mountains. Kenya seems to be magical with the grand beauty of Mt. Kenya, and the hosting of Annual Migration, that has been the most fascinating draw-card for both Tanzania and Kenya since time immemorial. Besides wild life, Kenya is the best place to experience the nature from closest. It hosts some of the best tourist attraction places that you would probably love to visit within your lifetime. Come and explore the top 5 places of Kenya for an unforgettable African Tour.

  1. Massai Mara– The Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya offers an excellent chance to witness the famous wildebeest migration in the spring and early summer. The mesmerising view of covering 1,800-mile journey across the Mara River by the migratory animals will stay with you for lifetime.
  2. Lake Nakuru– Known for it’s pink lake covered with millions of flamingos it has been the 1st choice of the visitors planning for Africa, mostly Kenya. The lake is known for its rare species of varied birds that include the white and black rhinos. It is considered to be a paradise for the bird lovers.
  3. Amboseli National Park– Favourite for Safari lovers this park is packed with the Kenyan ferocious most importantly with the Kenyan elephants. Getting the view of the view of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, from this park is awe-inspiring.
  4. Mount Kenya – The highest in Kenya, but the second highest in Africa. Hiking on it would give you the same pleasure as Mt. Kilimanjaro. The unique animals, the changing vegetation and the hospitable locals would give unforgettable touch to your hiking.
  5. The Kenya Coast– Kenya has got an excellent coast line. You would have the nice opportunity to soak with the sea, sand and sun. Getting involved with the water games here is awe-inspiring.

destination-kenya-img4Visit to any of the East African countries, nothing can be at par with the Reed Buck Uganda Tours And Travel Limited. Operating from Uganda we are providing our services for, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. May it be the game viewing, or unwinding at the sea beaches, nothing can be better than us. We are best in preparing the tailor made safaris that would best suit to your budget, time and choice. Just drop us a mail. We would take you to a new world where the nature nurtures and rules. Book first to avoid the rush.

Enjoy The Biggest Animal Show At Your East African Safari Vacation

East African Safari

Why do people prefer to go on East African Safari? Is East Africa teeming with more varieties of wild life? Yes, it boasts some of the world famous National parks and Game Reserves that show some of the most mysterious animal dramas in the world. Besides abundant of birds and animals roaming unfenced and untamed the land holds magnetic scenic beauty with towering mountains and golden beaches. Hence a Safari to East Africa has always been luxurious, adventurous, romantic, and family oriented and a fun filled affair. For any kind of holiday East Africa is the only and right answer.

On your East African Safari you are going to visit to the countries like Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya each one offer uniquely to the visitors. Where Tanzania thrives with annual migration of wild animals: the biggest and the strangest animal drama in the world in which more than 2.5 millions of mammals march towards Massai Mara of Kenya in search of fresh pasture and water and the towering mountains like Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, Kenya thrives with it’s untamed world of wilds, particularly of lions and the annual migration that takes place in eco-system with mount Kenya as one of the biggest draw-card to the country. And Uganda, famous for the big endangered apes, the mountain Gorillas.

East African Safari tourists are rewarded with spectacular scenery, vibrant culture and welcoming people. Some of the top tourist destinations in East Africa not to be missed are:

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania: Famous for golden glassy beaches and spice farms and famous for Annual migration and Kilimanjaro these are the two must stopovers on East Africa tour.
  • Massai Mara, Kenya: The native creatures cross the plains of East Africa in search of resources during June and July provide a compelling sight that you won’t want to miss.
  • Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda: See these falls to experience the exhilarating power of the entire Nile River being forced through a 30 ft gorge in Uganda.
  • Volcano National Park, Rwanda: Meet the endangered mountain Gorillas. Spending some time with these great ape are excellent.
  • Lalibela, Ethiopia: Lalibela is a historic town of great religious importance for the country’s Orthodox Christians. Visit it’s magnificent rock-hewn churches that attract visitors from all over the world.

African Safari Destinations

Select the best company who has long years of experience and expertise in organizing East African Safari like Nature Safari Uganda popularly known as REED BUCK UGANDA. We have been operating since 2010 with all native local guides in respective countries. Our strong network with the tourism department of different countries makes your East African Safari comfortable and excellent. We prepare the tailor-made tours for our clients according to their budget and choice. If you want an unforgettable experience then just drop us a mail and we would make it an experience of life time. East Africa would be there in your memory for all times to come.

How Arusha National Park Offer The Great Wildlife Experience?

Are you searching for a dynamic vacation trip where you can view the amazing sights of wildlife with adventured games? Then Arusha National Park Safari is the only one result of your search, which brings the accurate sight as you want. Arusha National PARK holds a dynamic site to visit which sits next to Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and the Tarangire National Park. The first thing every visitor wants to know before you book your holiday is observable…when to book it? The best time to travel for Arusha is June to October as this is the peak season for climbers and for tourism. At this time, Arusha seems busy as per its regular days.

In dimension, Arusha National Park is so small but an attractive park, which you never visited in a lifetime. It takes single day duration to explore the wildlife in it. Not only it is famous for its wealthy wildlife, but also it is one of the most beautiful and topographically diverse parks in Tanzania. It offers you the golden opportunity to explore an attractive variety of territories within a few hours. If you are lucky, you may even spot an albino baboon at one of the water sources, which is rare to see. The open large breadth of grasslands and intermittent trees of Arusha give you a relaxation, which is so hard to find in this contemporary age.

A trip towards Arusha National Park safari includes the animals like giraffe, Cape buffalo, zebra, warthog, the black-and-white colobus monkey, the blue monkey, flamingo, elephant, lion and many other African animals within it. Although elephants are surprising in Arusha National Park, where lions are not present in total and the Leopard populations are present, hardly ever seen. Birdlife in the Arusha National Park forest is creative, you can see the variety of birds flying above you and watching you from the heightened tree. You can also get the sights of leopards and spotted hyenas seen as creeping around in the early morning and late afternoon.

advAre you getting fascinating about it? Then imagine when you get this in reality what you will do? Then start for your Arusha National Park Safari with REED BUCK UGANDA to enjoy the bona fide wildlife experience. We are an indigenous tour company that was established in 2010 for the purpose of to create a unique picture of Africa in the vision of its tourists. We give you the chance of freedom and an exceptional opportunity to be grateful for the beauty and multiplicity of the wild pearl of Africa within a single exploration.

So what are you thinking to? Start your Arusha National Park Safari with us as soon as possible by dropping a single email through our website. We assure you to give you the incredible sight of wildlife which you can’t find anywhere in this whole world.