Kenya Safari – Things To Consider To Ensure Great Value And Memorable Safari Experience

destination-kenya-inner9Tanzania is spectacular, but Kenya is most spectacular. If you just want to immerse yourself in the grand beauty of Kenya, in which the vast kingdom of African ferocious is a part, then book your flight today to avoid the traffic. Kenya offers endlessly. Floating in a hot-air balloon over the great plains of Africa, witnessing thousands of flamingos on Lake Nakuru, encountering the great elephant herds of Amboseli with the towering cone of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background and visiting the Nairobi’s unique Giraffe Manor are some of the experiences that never fade from one’s memory. Whenever such memories would flash in your mind, you would feel like wandering with the vast Kenyan beauty where nature and animal have set a world different to this planet.

If you are interested in wildlife, starting from beginning of January right the way through to the end of February is the best time to visit Kenya as these are the warmest period in Kenya and you can find the higher concentrations of animals congregating in popular tourist destinations, such as the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli etc in these months. December is an excellent time to visit Kenya with lush green scenery making an ideal habitat for migratory birds and newborn animals. If you want to witness the herds cross the crocodile-filled Mara River, the best time to travel is in August. Between Septembers, to November the Kenyan side is filled with the survivors.

destination-kenya-inner8Kenya is not only a great honeycomb of African Animals, rather, the number of sites of historical importance are the second biggest draw cards to this land. Two of the sites, those have drawn the international attention are:

  • Olorgesailie region: Located in southern Kenya, this is a land of pre-historic importance that provides evidence of early humans lived in this region. It is considered as one of the National Museums of Kenya prehistoric sites as it displays some of the prehistoric materials including numerous hand axes and fossilized skeletons of extinct species of elephant and hippopotamus. The site provides knowledge on early human evolution, especially in regards to human activity, animal populations, vegetation and climate change over the past one million years.
  • Hyrax Hill: The site is a national monument. Its excavation provides evidence on three major areas of prehistoric settlements. The oldest settlement is dating back to 3,000 years and the youngest to possibly 200 to 300 years. There is a site museum which displays ethnographic material of the different Rift Valley people.
  • Massai cultural tour: Massai people constitute a greater part of the Kenyan population and the centuries-old culture and the tradition of the Massai people are awe-fascinating to experience. Visiting a Massai village and interacting with the villagers living close to nature and dancing

with them with the beats of the drum is the awe- exciting experience that leaves an eternal print in the minds who visit.

If you are on your tour to Kenya, then the viewing of African animals in the Kenyan National Parks is the most important of the itinerary no one would ever desire to miss. Although Kenya boasts with a series of National parks and Game Reserves, and it is not possible to explore all of them within a single visit, yet you should not miss the followings that make Kenya an important world destination.

Amboseli National Park:

Besides offering the best scenic view of the park at the backdrop of the Mount Kilimanjaro this park brings you closer to some of the largest African tuskers. Home to more than 50 species of mammal and over 400 species of birds, it is the perfect place to have your vacation. You can approach this park with a daily scheduled flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport or take an on-road ride from Nairobi. June to October is the best time to visit Amboseli National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park:

The biggest drawcard of Lake Nakuru National Park is its shallow soda lake and the thousands of pearl-white pelicans and pink flamingos in it that it attracts to thousands of visitors world over. The baboons, rhinos, colobus monkeys, lions, and leopards constitute the wild animal part. One can get there with a 3 hours drive from Nirobi and it is a year-round destination.

Samburu Game Reserve:

Just blend your game viewing with the Samburu culture by paying a visit to this park. Hundreds of elephants, lions, buffaloes and leopards in this semi-desert landscape would captivate your heart with such fascination that, it would be a permanent source of memory for you. June to October is the best time to visit this park. The park is accessible by the daily flight or a day’s drive from Nairobi.

Tsavo West and East National Parks:

The largest and one of the most fascinating wilderness protected area in Kenya would bring you up close to nature as well as the natural animals. Its untouched wilderness is the biggest attraction for planning African Safaris. The man-eating lions, large herds of elephant populations’, hippos and crocodiles have made it famous around the globe.

Just immerse with the vast Kenyan beauty that would bring you up close to the wild nature and the animals, Kenya is famous for with us The Nature Safari. We are operating Safaris in eastern African countries. We would take you to that untouched world of wilderness where the jungle law prevails everywhere. If you want to immerse with the Kenyan beauty, just drop us a mail. A mixture of Kenyan beauty and our quality ice would leave you mesmerized.

Nairobi National Park:

This black rhino sanctuary in Kenya enjoys its own wills beast migration. The sanctuary hosts more than 400 species of birds. Nairobi National Park is at the proximate of Kenya’s bustling capital. A visit to this park would provide you a chance to experience the African bush at its best.

destination-kenya-inner5Explore the places of historic importance and the most spectacular parks in Kenya that the country is globally famous for with us the NATURE SAFARI UGANDA, a leading traveling company organizing the international tours for years. Our experience and the quality service have made us the world famous. Based in Uganda we are offering tailor made safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. To just have an enthralling tour to Kenya, book us right now and touch to all those yet a dream for many a visitors even visited this fabulous land. Also, you connect with us to visit our Facebook Fan Page or our Blog Page to know more About Us.


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